«Spillerom Søndag» interview

Marte was featured as one of three composers in a portrait interview on Spillerom Søndag, a radio show devoted to contemporary music from the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

«Møt tre komposisjonsstudenter på Norges musikkhøgskole, og tre nye stemmer i norsk…

An urge for going

In a new live session video of her song "Shake Yourself Awake», Norwegian singer/songwriter Marte Røyeng displays timeless musical storytelling on loss and human resilience.  

«On this haunted beach / I leave my dreams behind»  
These are the…

New album «REACH» out now!

Marte Røyeng – Reach

available now on all digital music services including:

Apple Music

Norwegian singer, songwriter and composer Marte Røyeng's debut as an album artist comes with «Reach» (Oslo Session Recordings). Produced by Even Ormestad, the…


New album "Reach" out 24 May 2019

Marte's album debut comes out 24 May on Oslo Session Recordings. It will be available for purchase on vinyl, CD as well as digital streaming.

The first single off the album will be out on 3 May!

Live photos

From Herr Nilsen, Oslo, January 2018.

Photo: John Nordahl


"No One" Visual EP pt. 3 – "While You Can"

Directed, shot and edited by Malin Christin Longva 
Animations by Sunniva Mellbye (Release date: June 30th 2017)

While You Can (No One Visual EP pt. 3)
Powerful finale of Marte Røyeng's music video trilogy

Activism, marching soldiers…