Sono Figures Society at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Photo by Nat Johns

SONO FIGURES SOCIETY is the newly founded group of the two artists, composer/performer Marte Røyeng and vocalist/composer Sarah Buchner. They met over their shared fascination for contemporary puppet theater and experimental sound, aiming to contribute through cross-disciplinary artistic innovation within the Copenhagen scene for experimental music. Aesthetically dedicated towards punk surrealism their work explores different methods to connect sound and puppet from improvisation, to composed theater over composition for a visual element as it would be an instrument. The group is on a long term journey to research what different meanings the term sound-puppetry can hold. They debuted in Copenhagen with their first piece ‘Kumulus Morpho’, showcasing a larger-than-life figure at Ubåden in Nyhavn April this year.  
For the ILK summer sessions they will invite improviser and composer Michaela Turcerová for a collaboration of electro-acoustic sounds, small and big figures.…

Line up: Sarah Buchner, Marte Røyeng, Michaela Turcerová (all: puppets, instruments, tape)

The performance happened at ILK Sessions Sunday 9 July.