«Spillerom Søndag» interview 

Marte was featured as one of three composers in a portrait interview on Spillerom Søndag, a radio show devoted to contemporary music from the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

«Møt tre komposisjonsstudenter på Norges musikkhøgskole, og tre nye stemmer i norsk musikkliv - Marte Røyeng, Anna Berg og Maia Viken. Hva fikk dem til å satse på komposisjon og hvor har det ført dem musikalsk?»

Listen here (Norwegian).

"GISP" solo piano piece selected for UNM Festival in Aarhus 2021 

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Marte's composition for solo piano has been selected to be performed at the Ung Nordisk Musik festival in Aarhus, Denmark in August 2021.

Sounds from tourists on a whale watching tour are juxtaposed with underwater recordings of killer whales and pilot whales. The whale sounds might remind one of singing, cries or a baby cooing, and give associations to human emotions. Connections rise up, if only as fantasies of something common. A whale is different from us. As is a machine. All the same, we might listen to both to find signs of life that are similar to our own. The sound of whale clicks is a pulse without breath. A boat motor humming is a presence with changing intensity.

The piano might be heard as a foreign element among these sounds. Or as a link. The instrument contains bonds to the mechanical, to the human body, and to neutral sounds in nature (like the tinkling of a water surface). The piano plays several roles: as an imitator of real world sounds, as an instrumental sound with its own unique associations, and as a translator – creating abstractions of the experience of diving or soaring. It absorbs parts of the rest of what we hear, and creates its own signs out of sounds that move through water, air, flesh and metal.

«A Great new voice» – album review 

Review of "Reach" in Nettavisen / Tor de Jazz (in Norwegian)

«Hun synger fint, arrangementene er sofistikerte og særdeles smakfulle, produksjonen til Even Ormestad (Jaga Jazzist, aha) er nydelig og det musikalske tonefølget fra en rekke sjangerfrie, unge jazzmusikanter som Ivar Myrset Asheim, Magnus Murphy Joelson, Jenny Berger Myhre og Sander Eriksen Nordahl er av det flotte og empatiske slaget. Til sammen har det ført til et møte med en svært så lovende og særegen artist som det skal bli veldig spennende å følge i åra som kommer, det være seg som popartist eller samtidskomponist. Marte Røyeng er ei flott stemme som har kommet for å bli - veldig lenge.»

An urge for going 

In a new live session video of her song "Shake Yourself Awake», Norwegian singer/songwriter Marte Røyeng displays timeless musical storytelling on loss and human resilience.  

«On this haunted beach / I leave my dreams behind»  
These are the opening lines of Marte Røyeng’s modern-yet-timeless travelling song «Shake Yourself Awake», taken from her debut album "Reach" that was released earlier this year. Marte recently posted a live session video of the song, performing alongside guitarist Bendik Bergestig in an Oslo apartment. The duo carefully builds around the evocative lyrics, moving from a gentle simplicity into a striking musical exclamation.  

«I was washed up on the shore / my dreams lay scattered around me / too wild to carry with me into foreign land»

The song was written through perspective of a boat refugee, who arrives on a foreign shore and takes to the road, accompanied only by the ghosts of a previous life. Yet the urge to continue forwards is stronger than the temptation of escaping backwards into past dreams. From the depths of Røyeng's sombre and poetic lyrics arises a striking hommage to the grit of the human spirit.  

«So I shake myself awake / some dreams you’re meant to follow / Some the waves will break»  

This fragile yet forceful performance takes us into the mind and memory of a persistent walker. Someone who is embracing the changes that has forced them to break up from all they had known, but who is determined to reach towards a new life.

Read Marte's full bio here.

Photo: Erlend Sæverud


"Shake Yourself Awake", from Marte Røyeng's debut album "Reach" (2019). 

Recorded live in Oslo, featuring Bendik Bergestig on electric guitar.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WCYG351CRQ

New album «REACH» out now! 

Marte Røyeng – Reach

available now on all digital music services including:

Apple Music

Norwegian singer, songwriter and composer Marte Røyeng's debut as an album artist comes with «Reach» (Oslo Session Recordings). Produced by Even Ormestad, the album was recorded in Albatross Recorders, Oslo, and in the analogue atmosphere of Athletic Sound in the town of Halden, Norway. It includes ten original tracks written by Røyeng.


New album "Reach" out 24 May 2019 

Marte's album debut comes out 24 May on Oslo Session Recordings. It will be available for purchase on vinyl, CD as well as digital streaming.

The first single off the album will be out on 3 May!

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